Obtaining Avalonian citizenship allows you to become a part of something bigger.

Citizens have access to cultural events, are able to run for office and participate in government, and get involved in promoting the values of political expression across the globe.

Fees and Donations

Obtaining Avalonian citizenship is free of charge. We welcome donations to offset processing costs.


Citizens will receive a digital citizenship certificate. Avalonia does not issue passports or travel documents.


Due to a high volume of requests, it may take up to 6 weeks to process citizenship applications.

All prospective citizens of the Republic of Avalonia must be at least of 13 years of age and not hold any conflicting viewpoints against the Republic of Avalonia. It is important to note that citizens of the Republic of Avalonia are not able to travel, visit, reside in, or otherwise physically interact with Avalonian Federal Territory. All visits to Avalonian consular cities are only available upon request. Avalonia does not issue identification cards, passports, or travel documents. Citizenship certificates cannot be used for travel or in any legal capacity beyond its symbolic intent. Obtaining Avalonian citizenship is a symbolic gesture in support of ideals of free political, cultural, and creative expression.