Diplomacy and Treaties

The Republic of Avalonia recognizes all micronations in an informal capacity. However, to establish formal relations, the Avalonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs outlines the following regulations on diplomatic agreements and treaties:

I. The Republic of Avalonia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally recognizes the sovereignty of micronations, states, territories, and jurisdictions of micronations that have legal and physical ownership or access to their declared land;

II. In order to recognize a land claim, micronations must have the legal freedom to operate on claimed land freely, and use the land legally without impediment;

III. This classification excludes micronations that have a land claim of an unclaimed territory (such as sections of Antarctica or sections of planets), micronations that utilize ceremonial claims, and virtual micronations;

IV. Land claims must not impede or overlap with claims made by the Republic of Avalonia or any nations with formal relations to the Republic of Avalonia in order to be recognized;

V. Nations must not uphold violent, hateful, or discriminatory ideologies, and must promote values of inclusiveness and equality;

VI. Nations must have a presence on a media platform or hold an official government website through which information about the nation may be shared, as well as provide an point of contact for a head of state, head of government, or official representative of the nation;

VII. Nations must have been established for a period of at least six months and must have held a stable, consistent regime for a period of at least six months before requesting a treaty, with some exceptions.

Nations interested in forming diplomatic relations via a Treaty of Mutual Recognition or Treaty of Mutual Recognition and Cooperation should contact

Points of Contact

The Republic of Avalonia can be reached via Email and Discord:

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Avalonia is a proud member of the Cupertino Alliance, Constantia Pact, and the Assembly of Chicagoland Micronations