What can you bring to the table?

Avalonia is always looking for talented and passionate individuals looking to contribute to the nation's growth and vision.


To apply, contact info@avaloniagov.org

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Avalonia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of Avalonia's most dynamic government departments. We're looking for individuals interested in diplomacy and international politics to represent Avalonia and build connections with micronations across the globe.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Deputy Chief of Mission to the United Nations

Diplomatic Service

We're looking to expand Avalonia's global reach. Represent Avalonian values, culture, and identity wherever you are around the world as a Regional Ambassador, Consul, or Honorary Consul in your local area.

Regional Ambassador, Consul, or Honorary Consul

Avalon Institute

The Avalon Institute is an Avalonian-affiliated research institute that strives to provide objective news coverage and in-depth reporting on intermicronational affairs. The Avalon Institute is currently looking for talented journalists and staffers to join our growing team so that we can expand the scope of our current operations.

Associate Director

Content Director

Assignment Editor