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Nam Libertas et Felicitatem Omnium

The Republic of Avalonia is a self-declared independent micronation founded within the United States.


Sovereign State

The Republic of Avalonia is a sovereign and independent state established as an exercise of free and open political expression. The Republic of Avalonia is not only a sovereign micronation, but also an organization that strives to uphold ideals of free political, cultural, and creative expression.

Currency and Citizenship

Becoming a citizen of Avalonia brings many benefits, from national awards, titles, and leadership opportunities, to currency and elections. The Republic of Avalonia accepts citizens from across the globe on an application basis without discrimination, bringing countless opportunities to all who wish to join the nation.

Physical Territory Claims

The Republic of Avalonia holds claim to an independently-owned area of over 3 acres in the United States, Lithuania, England, and South Africa, with open opportunities to expand and acquire new territory. Being involved in micronational organizations gives Avalonian citizens the opportunity to belong to a wider micronational community.

Established Community

Avalonia is truly a global nation. By becoming a citizen of the Avalonia, you become a part of an established and professional micronational community of those who share common values of free political and cultural expression.

Avalonia stands with the Ukrainian people.

Statement by the President, 27 February 2022